Our latest Alumni Award recipients will be announced at 6:30pm on March 6 2024.

Below, you’ll discover our 2023 Deakin Alumni Award recipients and hear their stories. These Deakin graduates have made significant impacts in their industries and their communities.

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A message from President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Iain Martin

Young Alumni of the Year

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Mr Abrar Aziz

Mr Abrar Aziz leads a sustainable energy team including pro-bono work for vulnerable communities. He generously volunteers his time to support his industry and students.

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours) ’17
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Miss Eva Mackinley

Miss Eva Mackinley has helped significantly reduce single-use plastics. She’s served as Director and Board Member of several charitable and community organisations.

Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Arts (Honours) ’19
Diploma of Arabic ’18
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Ms Sophie McNamara

Ms Sophie McNamara is an experienced lawyer and Director with a passion for sustainable responsible practices and pro-bono programs.

Master of Business Administration ’19
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Alumni of the Year

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Mr Serdar Baycan

Mr Serdar Baycan is a Director, entrepreneur, and lead architect on major projects on land and in space! He creates spaces with warmth and pays attention to the surroundings.

Bachelor of Architecture ’86
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Professor Roianne West

Professor Roianne West was Australia’s first Nursing Director in a tertiary hospital with a dedicated portfolio of Indigenous Health. She passes down knowledge and builds capacity generationally.

Bachelor of Nursing – Institute of Koorie Education (now NIKERI Institute) ’01
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Dr David Newman

Dr David Newman’s service to aerospace medicine as a researcher, educator, and flight safety advocate spans 30 years.

Master of Business Administration ’13
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Mr Daniel Wordsworth

Daniel Wordsworth has established and mentored community development and emergency responses in most of the world’s conflict zones. He has led humanitarian support on a global scale.

Master of International and Community Development ’01
Graduate Diploma Development Studies ’00

While you are here, watch the recipients’ videos and listen to their shared advice; see how a student design project inspired this year’s trophy; leave a congratulatory message in the guest book below!

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How a student design project inspired the trophy

Reflections from our recipients

Whether you are starting out in your career, considering making a change, or taking a risk, their advice is thought-provoking.

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Leave a message of congratulations for our Alumni Award recipients. They will see your messages!

  • Congratulations to all recipients. You are all amazing! The future of our world looks so much brighter when we see what capable hands it is in.

    Jane K
  • Congratulations to all recipients of the Deaken Awards. You continue to inspire many of us of what you do to contribute to society.

    Jeffrey Johns
  • Congratulations fellow alumni, proud of your achievements ! You inspire us to push a little harder to achieve our life goals..

  • A big congratulations to all fellow Deakin Alumni who have been recognised for their contributions to both the community and the world. Well deserved!

    Demet Yilmaz
  • Wonderful work everyone has undertaken and so worthly of the recognition . I have always valued my time at Deakin University back in the 1990s and feel the skills last a life time.

    Ricki Spencer
  • Congratulations to all recipients of the 2023 Deakin Alumni Awards, your outstanding acheivements are an insipiration to us all!!

  • Congratulations to each and every one of the Alumni Award winners! Your hard work and education at Deakin is lifelong and now your dedication to our world is so impactful and inspiring. I think you are each super heroes with a capital ‘D’ on your chest!

    Elizabeth K
  • Congratulation to all Alumni award winners
    Well done to the Deakin Alumni team!
    As one of the Alumni, I’m delighted to Deakin University, which has produced a good quality of students.

    Simao Rosario
  • Congratulations to all of the Alumni of the Year Awardees and Nominees! Your remarkable achievements, dedication, and hard work are outstanding examples for fellow students/alumni and no doubt become the inspiration they need, to follow similar paths.
    We would like to wish you continued success in all your future endeavors. Thank you for making us proud! – Peter, on behalf of the Deakin Sri Lanka Office.

  • Congratulations to all recipients of the 2023 Alumni Awards and special shout out to Professor Roianne West. Great to see your contributions and achievements recognised in this way and such an inspiration for others following your path. Best wishes from Sophie Goldingay at NIKERI Institute.

    Sophie Goldingay
  • Congratulations! It’s always so inspiring to hear and see the stories of what Deakin alumni are doing in the wider world. Thank you for demonstrating the value of a Deakin education and inspiring future generations of Deakin students and graduates.

  • Congratulations to all the well-deserved award winners. It’s heart warming to know that the breath and depth of expertise, as well as your dedication exemplified by each one of you is making a significant impact in your field!

  • Congratulations to all Alumni Award Winners!
    And well done to the Deakin Alumni team!

    Karen L
  • Well done to all recipients. Very inspiring stories and positive impact on locally and the broader international community.

    David Rolland
  • Impossible to watch these and not feel emotional… What a group of incredible people. Congratulations on your recognition, it’s very well deserved.

  • Congratulations to you all! What incredible achievements. It has been an absolute honour to listen to your stories and to meet you. Thank you to everyone involved in the Alumni Awards


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